Kyle Graham, CI-CPT, Lead Instructor, Houston/Austin 

Kyle Graham will engage you in a creative, ultimate out-of-the-gym experience and challenging workout that will help you burn calories, tone muscle, increase energy levels... and simply feel better!  To help keep you motivated and challenged, he implements workouts you would never create, nor push yourself to complete!  No matter your current fitness level, Kyle will help you surpass your goals. Kyle has been involved in the Boot Camp industry for 7 years and is a certified personal trainer through the internationally and highly acclaimed Cooper Institute located in Dallas, TX.

Kyle is a dedicated Christian, believing that our bodies are a true gift from God and that it is our duty to take special care of them, as well as mind and spirit.  Kyle is an entrepreneur and in addition to his Texas Boot Camp responsibilities, he is the Managing Partner and Co-Owner of Faces365 Facial and Waxing Spa in The Woodlands.  Kyle resides in The Woodlands with his wife K.K., Piper and Finley - their two daughters, and two dogs, Maggie and Mollie.

(512) 827-7832

Chase Cramer, Instructor, Austin 

Chase Cramer has recently relocated back to the Austin area.  Outside of teaching Texas Boot Camp classes, Chase is working in the All Star cheerleading industry, as well as running her own graphics design company.  Chase is passionate about what she does and believes a positive attitude and positive thinking will help you maintain your goals!  She has high energy and loves to motivate her classes to keep them moving and intrigued during the workouts.  Having coached and directed an All Star Cheerleading Program as well as gymnastics and tumbling, Chase brings structure, passion, and energy to her classes.  She also provides the class with reminders that working out, boot camp and a healthy life style will make you feel a million times better about yourself and your life.  She believes that fitness should be FUN and enjoyable, and focuses on positive words, thinking and encouragement to get her class through the varied workouts.  Chase is certified through the American Sports & Fitness Association.

Ms. Cramer has practiced yoga for about 7 years and enjoys any activity outside.  Opening her horizons to new and daring things, she enjoys skydiving, wakeboarding, as well as other outdoor activities.  Chase has a passion for the arts, including but not limited to: paintings, interior design, hand-made crafts and theater.

In her extra time, Chase loves to have conversations with God and lives by the verse “You can do all things through Him who gives you strength.” Philippians 4:13.  

This woman lives her life day by day and believes that setting goals, having a positive attitude, and having fun while working out leads to a healthy life!